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Top 10 Stun Gun Cities

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Sacramento, California
5. Pleasanton, California
6. Miami, Florida
7. Charlotte, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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TASER® C2™ electronic control device

* Incredible stopping power that will drop would-be assailants like a sack of potatoes.

* More effective self-defense option by making it easier to stop a threat under an already stressful situation

* Specifically designed for use by the general public and is small enough for putting into a purse or backpack.

What Makes the TASER® C2™ unique is that the manufacturers have figured out a way to blend the non lethal technology of a stun gun with the newer stopping power of Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. It was designed to provide you an option that is effective yet easy to use and accessible, and  is far more powerful than a traditional stun gun. Furthermore, has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun. It transmits a 30 second cycle of electrical pulses along the wires and into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. When you deploy the probes you unleash the same exact Shaped Pulse™ Technology provided by this incredible device that offers the same stopping power the police models.

The TASER C2 cartridges are replaceable and have a 10 year shelf life. They contain compressed nitrogen, to deploy two small probes that are attached to the device by insulated conductive wires with a maximum length of 15 feet (4.5 meters). The cartridges used have a unique serial number and are equipped with Anti-Felon Identification tags, allowing police to track a potential misuse. Included is a lithium battery so you can shoot up to 50 cartridges before you have to replace it.

 The TASER C2 can stop a threat while offering a less-lethal, easy-to-use option. This provides you the ability to protect yourself and your family  from dangerous criminals at a safe distance up to 15 feet away.

Every TASER C2 comes with a 90-day warranty that ensuring that your TASER C2 is free of defects in workmanship or materials for a full 90 days from the point of attempted activation.

TASER® and the Globe and Lightning Bolt logos are trademarks of TASER International, Inc. The “®” designates a U.S. registered trademark.