Dog Attacks-The Best Ways To Protect Yourself

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Stun Guns for Dogs

Dog Attacks-The Best Ways To Protect Yourself

By Karen Abby

For millions and millions of Americans walking, running, jogging or cycling outdoors is their main form of exercise. Not only does it get you some fresh air and get you out of the house but the exercise is good for you and it's free. No gym memberships no equipment to buy.

Fabulous! Aside from fighting off rain showers the only other thing you have to be careful of are dog attacks. Over 5 million Americans are victims of dog attacks every year with over 1 million of those requiring hospitalization for injuries like dog bites that are so serious they need medical attention.

And those are just the reported cases. There are many more cases that go unreported for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself from dog attacks and dog bites-dog attack prevention 101 if you will.

1. First and foremost is to avoid places where aggressive dogs congregate. Dogs have gang mentalities. Avoid groups of three or more.

2. Even though the dog may seem friendly never reach out to pet it. Let it approach you first and smell around.

3. If the dog is in a fenced in area don't assume that it will stay there. An aggressive dog can jump fences in a heartbeat.

4. Never turn your back on a barking dog and never run away from a dog.

5. Never pet a dog when it is eating or drinking.

6. And I always recommend carrying some kind of self-defense product to protect yourself while you're walking, running or jogging.

I used to carry a pepper gun that had very good range but there were just too many problems with the wind. After I wised up a little bit I started to carry Stun Guns For Dogs.

No long-lasting damage is done other than the dog won't forget the experience. Stun devices are illegal in some state so check with your police department first before you get one.

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