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5.8 Million Volt King Cobra Enforcer 2 Stun Gun



King Cobra Enforcer 2-5.8 MILLION Volt Stun Gun

Designed after the units that law enforcement use to keep the peace in China, Rechargeable - No Batteries to Buy.

Size: 6.50" Long x 1.75" Wide x 1" Thick

Benefits To You


Simple To Use
Only takes a one second zap in the arm, neck, thigh or buttocks to put a goon down to the ground for several minutes. The 5.8 million Volt King Cobra Enforcer makes a bunch of noise. Just the sound alone will make a goon think twice about attacking you.

To charge the King Cobra, Just plug in the recharge cord (included). First charge should be about 5 hours; after that only a 2-hour recharge to keep you safe again. We suggest that you test fire the King Cobra once every couple of months to be sure you are packing the full striking power of 5.8 MILLION VOLTS.

Cutting Edge Technology
The heart of The King Cobra Enforcer is the New Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries
The Nickel Metal Hydride battery creates maximum power for 800 to 1000 recharges. Unlike the nickel-cadmium batteries that were used in home phones; the King cobra batteries will not retain a memory thus rendering the unit useless.


* 5.8 Million Volts - 50 mA

* Built In Flash Light

* Rechargeable 110V and 220V

*Nylon Holster And USA Charge Cord Included

* 4 Year Warranty

The King Cobra Enforcer 2 Is Constructed In China with The Highest Quality Materials .

Why The KING COBRA 2 is the choice for you

Independent Study from Peter H Park M.D. Explains :

In my quest for the "perfect stun gun", I bought about a dozen during the past month.
Some died within a day or two. Some buzzed and I would consider them in the cute toy category.

I even had a couple that needed to be discharged even after I shut them off. ( I forgot and got shocked couple of times).

My test of seeing how "worthy" the performance of the stun gun is to discharge the stun gun on conductive object is covered by non-conductive material. (my light jacket over a screwdriver.)

Interestingly, only a few passed this test. Most of them couldn't even go through a layer of paint.

Your King Cobra, however, just doesn't care what's in the way. It just goes through. No problems.

I would not trust my safety with any stun gun that couldn't go through even a light jacket.

After evaluating all the stun guns I bought, even though it's a little bigger, I am now carrying the King Cobra on my belt. I feel confident that it will come through for me if the time comes.

  • Question: How often does it need to be charged (assuming no use)?  

  • Answer: 1-2 hours per month - with no use.
  • Question: Does this item have some type of security so it does not accidently discharge?

  • Answer: Yes it has a double layer of security. There is a switch on top where your thumb has to slide it forward to turn on the power to the prongs and then you have to squeeze the red trigger on the opposite side with your index finger to release the charge. There is also a red light on top to indicate that the gun is armed and ready to use. There is NO reason for anyone to "accidentally" shock themselves or anyone else. The two metal straps that run back from the prongs are active as well when the the trigger is squeezed, so if someone is trying to grab the gun from you, they will still be shocked.
  • Question: Where's the best place on a person to use this strun gun?  

  • Answer: I would have to say right in the persons sides between their ribs. Or any place that has soft tissue. 
  • Question: Can this pass through metal detectors?  

  • Answer: No. Checked bag only
  • Question: Is it effective against an attacking dog?  

  • Answer: Yes, but you need the baton stun guns for dogs. The baton stun guns are best for dogs because the dogs will bite your hand the baton you don't have to be close.
  • Question: If the assailant grabs you while you're stunning him, do you both get zapped?  

  • Answer: No, both contact points need to be in physical contact to target. Really hard to be touching two people at same time.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 19 reviews: 4.8 Showing: 3 of 19 Show All
Seems well put togetherJust recently received it. Seems sturdy and well put together. Had my wife test it on my side (she enjoyed it), and it hurt like hell! My muscle convulsed a bit with just a very short shock, and that was besides the pain. Holding it longer would have brought me down. I'm 6'1" and weigh 230. I recommend it, and wouldn't want to come up against it. Written by Tammy on Tue 5 Sep 2017 12:40:49 PM GMT
An extremely powerful stun gunI have a several stun guns with voltages of 20-28 million volts and milliamps of 1.2-1.4. The king cobra enforcer has a stun arc that is greater... it's 50 milliamp output with 5.8 million volts has more stopping power than higher voltage stun guns. I'm VERY pleased with this unit. Must say that the flashlight doesn't work...but I didn't buy it for the flashlight. If you are shopping for a stun gun that will take down an attacker...not just stun him a bit and continue the attack on you...even more upset than before...then get K. C. ENFORCER. It has the knock out punch to protect you!!! Written by tom huff on Fri 10 Oct 2014 11:20:56 PM GMT
Again!I had one of these fine products for about a year.
It was recently stolen, when my apt. was burglarized. I'm about to ask to purchase another, as I've not seen another with as scary a discharge, and that's coming from someone who, like another happy customer who posted here, has routinely tested lesser stun guns on myself, and like him, found they only caused pain and spasms, with no knock-down or incapacity (2-3 sec.).
However, my bravado vanished the first instant I heard my 'Cobra discharged, and hid from it ever since, like a little gir. No WAY was I gonna get NEAR the business end of one of these!!
Written by Paul on Mon 9 Sep 2013 7:32:04 AM GMT