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Top 10 Stun Gun Cities

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Sacramento, California
5. Pleasanton, California
6. Miami, Florida
7. Charlotte, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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Self Defense News

Powerful Stun Guns - The Top Five New Kids On The Block
80 years ago when stun devices were first invented a 10,000 volt product was sufficient to move cattle along. But nowadays it seems an average voltage of the stun product is in the 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 volt range.

What Makes The Amazing Mace Pepper Gel So Popular
Back in the late 1970's the founders of the Mace Company decided to expand their product line to include products for civilians. Since that decision they have become the largest and most formidable supplier of defensive sprays in the world. As matter of fact the word Mace is nearly synonymous with pepper spray.

DVR Hidden Cameras - The Four Most Popular Models
There are thousands of hidden cameras out there with a variety of uses including home security and business security. Here are the four of the most popular models. Read on to learn more.

Pepper Spray For Joggers - New Outdoor Protection
As long as Americans continue to walk, jog or cycle outdoors for recreation, predators will continue to assault them. It is a sad fact that one of the major ways that people exercise can literally be dangerous for your health.

The Best Ways to Protect Yourself - Millions Choose Pepper Spray For Their Self Defense Item
Pepper spray with thousands of years of refinement and success is the most popular self-defense item in the world. Part of the reason for that is because it's very cost effective. You can get a great defensive spray for less than $15.

Best High Voltage Stun Gun - The Pretender Stun Gun
I often get asked for my opinion on the products that I sell. I try and be as objective as possible because my reputation is riding on the line as well as that of the product I recommend. Read on to learn more.

Dog Attacks - The Best Ways To Protect Yourself
Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself from dog attacks and dog bites-dog attack prevention 101 if you will. Read on to learn more.

Where To Buy Mace Pepper Spray - A Quality Industry Standard
Here's where to buy Mace pepper spray-the industry leader. At last count there were at least seven major manufacturers of pepper spray. There may be as many as 15 to 20 smaller manufacturers. Read where to find them.

Why A DVR Hidden Camera To Protect Your Family And Valuables
Do you ever wonder what your little ones are doing when you are not around? How do people act around your cherished items at your house when you aren't home? There are solutions that can take a lot of anxiety off your mind and body.

How Your Look Can Help You to Avoid Becoming a Predators Target
I am not talking about your overall look but look at a person and make eye contact. Take a quick inventory of the person, hair, tattoos, scars any identifying feature that they may have.

How to Be Safer While You Are at Home With Low Impact to Your Budget
Generally the home is your safe haven; however, with unemployment spinning out of control this is creating desperate times which are proportional to the rise in crime as well as property theft. Now is the time to tighten your home security before the intruders decided you are their next target.

Are You Missing the Signs of Domestic Violence?
Although many people fail to see the warning signs, the issue of domestic violence is a major one in our country and all across the world. Countless women are battered and killed by their husbands and boyfriends on a daily basis.

Protect Your Family and Yourself With Dog Pepper Spray Anytime You Walk, Bike Or Run
If you are an animal lover but at the same time want to be protected from dogs that may be more than you can handle, there are products that you can use that send the dog away. The solution that I would like to introduce is dog pepper spray; it is effective yet safe for the canine.

New Pepper Gun Offers Accuracy and Distance For Personal Protection
A lot of women like to carry pepper spray or mace for self defense purposes. Because of the popularity of this type of spray, manufacturers are coming up with new methods of delivery that make it even easier to use.

Protecting Yourself in High Fashion With Pepper Spray
Women everywhere need a means of protecting themselves from predators and unwelcome advances. Yet, we have also heard the warnings about carrying items which may be used to harm us if our attackers are able to take possession of them.

The Many Different Types of Self Defense Pepper Spray
It is not uncommon these days for people to carry some sort of self defense pepper spray. In response to this, manufacturers are coming up with more and more options to choose from in order to make it convenient and appealing for people to do so. Just checking out any retailer of self defense materials and you will see a wide selection of available products.

Mace Pepper Spray For Your Backup Protection Plan
In these times you cannot be too careful. Even with countless self-defense classes and months of time in the gym, you can never be fully prepared for an attacker. You should prepare yourself with a secret weapon in your hand.

Wildfire Pepper Spray For Personal Protection Product Review
When it comes to personal protection, there are as many options out there as there are people wanting to protect themselves. From safety whistles, to defense spray, to concealed weapons, there are personal protection measures that run the full spectrum, from extremely mild to completely deadly. If your personal safety preferences run somewhere toward the middle of the spectrum, as most people do, then one of the best options out there for protecting yourself from would be attackers is wildfire pepper spray.

Have You Considered Carrying a Pepper Spray Key Chain?
A lot of people are concerned with their personal security these days, given the amount of crime that is happening. For this reason, they are looking for good ideas for ways to protect themselves should someone try to attack them or rob them.

For the Record - A Nanny DVR Hidden Camera While You Are Away
The phrase "nanny cam" has become one and the same with hidden cameras. These cameras offer very little real preventative security for homes but can be a very practical tool for identifying...

Essential Traveling For Senior Citizens on the Go
One of the real joys of retirement and enjoying your senior years may come in the form of travel. Travel is broadening and many senior citizens save for a lifetime to enjoy a lifestyle of travel once they are retired. The image of becoming a world traveler in their senior years is one of those dreams that kept them going when life was tough in their working years so they certainly deserve to hit the road and enjoy the fruit of a lifetime of work.

Women, When Shopping For a Self Defense Weapon Which Are You Most Attracted To?
Are you attracted to a device that only costs hardly any money, but may mean the difference in your life or death in an attack? A number of women today are purchasing self defense products to have with them in an unfortunate time of an assault.

Online Dating - Be Ready For Fun and Danger
With the online dating becoming more popular, you need to be prepared for the dates that you may arrange by using common sense and by doing a little research to cut down on your chances of meeting one of the online predators that get in to the mix from time to time. Dating on line can be fun and allow you to come in contact with some interesting people and possibly you will be lucky enough to find your soul mate. However, proceed with caution.

Pepper Spray Your Day and Night Time Defender
You are out trying to find a business address for an appointment with a new client. You find the street and start looking for the correct building. It is almost noon on a bright sunny day. You can't find a parking space very close to the building, but you are willing to walk the half block to get to the appointment with your client.

The Evolution of Women's Self Defense
Not long ago, crime was something that happened to other people. It happened in cities or "high crime areas" but not in quiet little towns where moms take kids to the park, jog alone or go to and from work at all hours of the day and night. Things have changed a lot. It seems that potential attackers target their attack toward women.

Mace Night Defender Gel Pepper Spray Review
Twenty years ago, if you heard about pepper spray, it had to do with the police, the military, riots or civil disobedience. Little by little pepper spray has become more well-known to the public and more available to the public.

Information For People Who Want to Overcome Fear But Cannot Get Started
Burglars, rapists and attackers should beware. Women are finding new ways to protect themselves. One weapon that is becoming popular among self defense products is the cell phone stun gun.

Guard Dog Mini-Rechargeable Stun-Gun Flashlight Product Review
Live in a bad neighborhood? Always leaving work after dark?

Let the Mini Double-Stun Guard Dog Out of the Box
For the cosmopolitan on the move woman, protecting yourself can be as easy as having the correct tools. The rechargeable guard dog stun gun should be a consideration to add to your self defense protection bag. The guard dog mini stun gun uses an advanced double shock technology to deliver 2.7 million volts of goon zapping power.

Mace Pepper Gun Should Be Your Next Gal Pal
Gone are the days when women are treated with love and respect. It used to be that you could almost anywhere at night and still be safe. Nowadays, the thought of a woman alone at night is terrifying.

A Personal Hand Alarm Adds Another Dimension to Self Protection
I remember an unfortunate incident during my college days when I had an encounter with a robber. I was on the bus talking with a friend on my cell phone when a man sat down beside me. "No worries," I said to myself because the man looked well mannered and harmless.

Pepper Spray Keychains, Your First Line of Personal Defense
When it comes to personal safety, there is no better person for the job than yourself. Personal defense is important for everyone to understand and practice, no matter their age or gender.

Child Proofing to Reduce Injuries in Your Home
Home accidents are among the leading causes among infants and toddlers in the United States. In this article, I will give you some of my thoughts and tips on reducing some of the risks in your home.

Essential on the Street Safety and Defense Tips For Jogging, Walking, and Running
There are many choices of self defense products on the market today. Here, we will examine the ones that are essential to your everyday safety.

Mace Pepper Spray Key Chain, Do Not Be Without it!
In this article, I will examine our current society. Additionally, I will explain why it is important to carry pepper spray on your key chain for personal defense.

Mayberry is Becoming a Thing of the Past
Coming from overtime in the office, you walked towards the parking lot to get your car. You glanced at your watch and noticed that it is almost midnight. While you were just a few inches away from your car, some filthy robber grabs your handbag out of nowhere.

Taser Equals Non-Lethal
There are more stories than ever about a TASER C2 as a self defense product. There is a lot of false information being tossed around and it is difficult to determine what is accurate and what it not. Here are the Facts:

How to Get the Most From Your Taser X26C
This article will cover laws and regulations, device access, animal effects and regular maintenance of the taser x26c. Learn about what will keep you legal and important facts about your taser x26c.

A Technology Break Through in Self Defense Weapons
There have been a lot of useful technological advancements in the past years; from the technology masterminds we have cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, etc. Undeniably, most of us indulge in the convenience and entertainment these gadgets provide. It's just saddening to think that we invest loads of money to be able to buy these things but we fail to consider other more important factors such as security.

Taser C2 Nonlethal Self Defense That Works
The Taser C2 is a highly refined personal protection method. Yet it is amazingly easy to use.

Self Defense Products - Choose the Best For Your Budget
It is impossible today to turn on the TV and not hear about yet another personal attack. It doesn't matter where you live, your local news channel, newspaper and radio has stories every day of some innocent community member being accosted in some way.

It May Be a Runt But it Is Very Stunning
This powerful 950000 volt mini runt stun gun is always ready to go. No batteries to buy ever. The only requirement is that you keep it charged.

TASER C2 - Get the Most From a Self Defense Product
Refuse to be a victim - get a TASER C2 with laser site. Have the protection when when you need it. The best feature is it's non-lethal, so you do not need to worry about killing someone.

This Information Helped Me Choose the Best Pepper Spray and They Will Work For You Too
More recently, we started hearing about the use of self defense spray, often by a store or gas station owner, especially the ones who are open 24 hours per day and had only one person working over night and into the morning. This was a way to give these employees a source of protection against theft or assault.

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