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Going to college is a very special time in a young woman or young man’s life. Known as “higher education “, a time to set your plan for your future. It is also the time when our young adults will be away from home. You become independent and make your own decisions. In this fast paced environment self-security is sometimes set aside.

It is a sad truth that the school campuses are also hot spots where different crimes can occur. That is why for a sure protection, you must have something which is allowed in your own school that you can bring anywhere in your school bag or side pockets. This is a tool that you can grab anytime that you need self-defense especially when you walk in your school grounds alone at night. 

Self Defense Stun Guns are recommended self-defense devices for college students. There are many models and voltages. These devices are very effective to stop the crimes in school campuses because it can immobilize the attacker with a direct hit on the skin or even through thin type of clothing.

Our Self Defense Stun Guns are excellent stunning devices for college students.

We have models you can just place it in your small purse and bag. They can emit from one million volts to over 5million volts all strong enough to weaken your attacker and buy you the time to escape and call for assistance from other students or any school personnel around. Another type of self defense stun gun a college student can use is our mini stun gun flashlights.

Aside from emitting electricity, they have an added feature of a flashlight which you can use especially in low light areas. It is not an added burden after all to carry a device like this especially when you have loads of books to carry because it is light and can be placed in the pockets of what you are wearing.

There are also self defense stun guns that look like cell phones. With this clever device no one would even notice that what you are holding a stun gun. This gives you the upper hand because you are already prepared with the cell phone stun gun which will also give you the element of surprise in the event of an attack. This will be a wonderful time for any young adult. Assure there protection by adding a self defense stun gun to your cart.