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Top 10 Stun Gun Cities

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Sacramento, California
5. Pleasanton, California
6. Miami, Florida
7. Charlotte, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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Mini Stun Gun

Hand Held Stun Gun-Powerful Self Defense

Hand Held Stun Guns are the second most popular self defense product in the world-second only to pepper sprays. Many people prefer stun guns to pepper sprays because the effectiveness of pepper sprays in outdoor conditions. Winds more than five or 10 miles an hour make the effectiveness questionable.

Your aim has to be spot on. When the stun gun is applied to your assailant for 3 to 5 seconds a powerful electrical charge goes into his muscles causing them to over work depleting the body of all energy. All stun guns are small enough to hold in your hand. The Rechargeable Trigger Stun Gun is a good example. It is small enough to even fit in a woman's hand.

When you're looking for a self defense product for yourself, your wife or your girlfriend get something that is powerful and small enough to hold in your hand. And all these stun guns fill that bill.

A mini stun gun is quite possibly the single most effective non lethal self defense stun gun weapon available on the market.

Just a test fire of of our powerful mini self-defense stun guns into the air is sometimes enough to scare off attackers. If the sight and sound doesn't stop the attacker, then surely zapping the goon will.

The large, bulky stun gun to protect yourself is fading with the cassette tape. Recently, stunguns have become smaller, yet more powerful, easier, and safer to use.  In addition they fit nicely in to a pocket or a purse.

Today's small mini stun gun have all of the stopping power and safety features of the larger models all one small package, most about the size of an ordinary cell phone.

Get yours today they are great for walking the dog, jogging in the park or a night out with your friends. When used against an attacker properly, it really could save your life.