Lipstick Defense Package

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Lipstick Defense Package

Lipstick Defense Package
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With our lipstick pepper spray and lipstick stun gun, women of all ages can carry two self defense weapons for protection. Get the benefit of ease and comfort when carrying what looks like lipstick in your purse or pocket.

These items can not be bought off the shelf at the cosmetics counter. The lipstick pepper spray and lipstick rechargeable stun gun were especially designed for women to be ready to defend themselves in an attack.

If you have ever felt the least bit uneasy or scared and wish you had some sort of protection, this is the perfect solution.

These self defense items are very effective in fighting off an attacker. Before your faced with some crazy goon, add the lipstick defense package to your cart today.

Kit Includes

Lipstick Pepper Spray (Colors maybe different than those pictured)

* Hot O.C. Spray

*Safety Cap Prevents Accidental Discharge.

*UV Dye Marks The Attacker For Identification.

Lipstick Stun Gun (Colors maybe diffrent tham those pictured)

* Easy to use, 3 Million Volt / 4.1 Mah Stun Gun

* Compact size 5" x1"

*Built In Bright Led Flash Light

*Built In Recharging System.

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Submitted by Michelle Denton on Fri 20 Oct 2017 2:19:05 PM GMT