Protecting Yourself With a High Voltage Stun Gun

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8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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Protecting Yourself With a High Voltage Stun Gun

You've worked much later than you intended to. It's dark and somewhat windy out. Leaves and small debris are swirling about the parking lot, creating noises you can't decipher. Your heels echo their steps into the night. As you walk to your car, parked at the far end of the lot, you think you hear another set of footsteps. You stop, and so does the sound of those steps.

Heading towards your car again, your heart starts to beat faster as you pick up the pace. The footsteps behind you get louder and closer as well. Thinking fast, you reach into your purse for some type of weapon and as you turn to face your impending attacker, you pull out - a hair brush. What happens next? Something that wouldn't happen had you been able to pull out a high voltage stun gun.

Safety and personal security is more important than ever in these trying financial times. Desperate people have become more and more aggressive about getting what they want, money and valuables, from people. So it's up to you take control of your own safety and be prepared to protect yourself. Arming yourself with a high voltage stun gun is one way to avoid being a victim of theft or assault.

If you found yourself in a situation similar to the one described above, a quick, one second burst from a high voltage stun gun would send your would-be assailant to the ground with pain, muscle spasms and a slightly dazed, confused mental state. Leaving enough time for you to run to safety and immediately call 911, as you should anytime you feel your safety is threatened. It's important to recognize that this type of safety device is not a "toy" and is not meant to be used in any type of situation where your immediate safety is not in jeopardy.

There are many other types of personal safety devices you can have on hand to protect yourself. Some people might carry a whistle to scare off an attacker and hopefully alert someone to their plight, but this is not always effective. Carrying a gun holds much more responsibility and the risk to yourself could be deadly. A knife requires you to be close enough to the attacker to actually use it. Considering these options, a high voltage stun gun is most likely the best personal safety "weapon" you can choose to protect yourself. Be safe.

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