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Legal Or Not: Is It Okay To Use Stun Guns On Attacking Canines?

In this day and age, when crime is so commonplace worldwide, protecting yourself against armed or unarmed perpetrators is a must. Unfortunately, very few people consider that other elements may be at play and animals are just as prone to attacking unarmed civilians as criminals. In fact, it is more and more common for dogs to launch an attack, and unless you're anticipating what happens next, you could get seriously hurt! Though very effective on humans, stun guns can also be used on dogs when you need to defend yourself.

The Legal Use Of Stun Guns

It's important to do research whether or not stun guns are legally permitted in your state. If so, stun guns that you can use on humans can be used on dogs as well for protection. Delivery personnel, contractors, and joggers are especially at risk for stray dog attacks, which is why carrying a stun gun at all times can become life-saving. Additionally, it's worth taking into consideration that many dogs don't just bite, but are actually rabid.

How Stun Guns Work

A stun gun, when used on humans as intended, will temporarily serve to disable the attacker by shooting electricity into his or her muscles. This causes muscle weakness and disorientation, allowing the victim to run for help or to get away. Unfortunately, very little research has been conducted to analyze how dogs feel and respond to a stun gun. However, we have received reports from customers that the Hike N Strike  has been the most useful while walking their dogs.
Dogs are agile and extremely intelligent, so deterring an oncoming attack may be easier said than done. Since dogs aren't easily stopped by a stun gun, it's a much better idea to use the stun gun to scare the dog when it's still at a good distance from you. When the gun is fired from a distance and doesn't hit a target, the crackling electricity hangs in the air and can scare the attacking canine. Dogs have acute hearing and the frequency of the stun gun is defeaning to their ears, which may frighten the dog off before an impending attack. It's always safer to attempt to scare a dog with sound than it is to wait until the dog is in close proximity.
Since no studies have been conducted on how dogs respond to stun guns, no one can say for sure how the electrical currents affect them and whether or not the device is truly safe to use. What we do know is that when used on humans, stun guns don't cause lasting damage to organs, but rather result in discomfort. Before purchasing a stun gun, learn how to use the device correctly as it can protect you against human and animal attacks.