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Top 10 Stun Gun Cities

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Sacramento, California
5. Pleasanton, California
6. Miami, Florida
7. Charlotte, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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Information On The Cheetah Stun Gun

Today, everyone needs something to protect himself or herself with, either with mace or a stun gun. One self defense product that is effective is the Cheetah stun gun. It is a small stun gun, which can fit on the side of a belt or in a purse. No one will know what it is, unless they get too close to the person who has one. The stun gun comes in two different colors, such as black, purple, and pink. They also range in style, such as in a cell phone style.

Stun guns come in many forms, such as the regular stun gun, cell phone, and mini flashlight. A Cheetah stun gun will fool anyone because most people would not even think that the cell phone or flashlight that they have is a stun gun. This self defense product is so small that it can be placed on the side of a belt. A belt clip comes with the stun gun, so it will be easy to get to when needed. Even though, it is small, it is big enough to grip onto to ward off an attacker. Also, the stun gun is loud enough, so if an attacker does approach, it will let them know that the person has something to injure them with.

All stun guns are very powerful. They will put any attacker to their knees for several minutes. The Cheetah stun gun is so powerful that it has one million to 2,500,000 volts. Another added bonus to having this stun gun is that it has an LED flashlight to see in dark places. Also, there are no batteries needed, the stun gun can be easily recharged in an electric outlet. Also, when the stun gun is not in use, there is a safety trigger.

The stun gun is a very safe self defense product to own. The Cheetah stun gun is affordable and can be used over and over again. When using mace, it has to be repurchased, but the stun gun only needs to be recharged. The stun gun prevents many violence acts from occurring. It will stop the attacker in his or her tracks without harming the victim. Even though, the attacker is on the ground, they will be able to recover in five to ten minutes.

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