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Top 10 Stun Gun Cities

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Sacramento, California
5. Pleasanton, California
6. Miami, Florida
7. Charlotte, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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Cell Phone Stun Gun is the Latest Addition to Self Defense Arsenal

Burglars, rapist and attackers should beware. Or perhaps it should be attention women who want a new way to protect themselves.  New to the market of self defense products is a Cell Phone Stun Gun.  This small cell phone wanna be is worn clipped to your purse or belt.  To the unknowing eye, you're defenseless and we all know that criminals prey on the ones they think defenseless. Instead, it's a stun gun that you press into the attacker and press the trigger.

Naturally, it is non-lethal and will not cause any permanent harm.  Instead, it over charges their muscle group.  The purpose is not to incapacitate the person.  It's to shock them just long enough for you to get away.  Like with any stun gun, the longer you hold the trigger, the more of a shock the person will get.

Many people fear their own safety with a stun gun, but this new Cell Phone Stun Gun is completely safe to the person using it.  It has a safety switch that when activated, will not hurt anyone.  Additionally, you have to push the trigger to make it go off. Most of the guns available today are between 800,000 and 4.5 Million Volts volts. 

While this is enough to drop anyone down temporarily, do not think they are down for the count. The purpose of this gun is for you to get away as soon as possible.  Most of the brands available also have a built in flashlight to light your way to the car.

These phones look just like a regular phone. They're about 4 inches tall and slender.  They come in various colors and include a holster and 3 CR2 batteries, some are rechargeable too. One brand even offers a siren alarm with it. Keep in mind that stun guns are prohibited in nine states including, CT, IL, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI. 

Additionally, some cities as a whole restrict them as well as some countries like Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.  Always check a city's laws regarding stun guns before purchasing or carrying them.  When used they way they're intended stun guns can provide you yet one more tool to feel safe in today's dangerous atmosphere.  

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