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Today it has become imperative to protect yourself where ever your are. This includes self defense ability, hidden self defense weapons and strategies. Although self defense is important for everyone, women are targets in society and should assume that at some point in their life, they will be the victim of an assault. There have been estimates that in any given year, two out of five women are assaulted. A woman has a one in four chance of being sexually assaulted in her lifetime. These numbers are alarmingly high and a woman has to be prepared.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is with pepper spray. These spray cans are available in various sizes and can be taken with you everywhere you go. They also have clips so that they can be carried on a purse or belt and quickly grabbed to be used against an assailant. These sprays are extremely effective and will disable an attacker, giving you enough time to escape.


  1. Salih on April 28, 2012 at 6:49 AM said:
    What's legal depends on your jursidiction. There are a lot of good options, and they depend on your locale, context, threat model, and lifestyle. Here's the shorthand: If in a concealed carry state and can obtain a license, the most effective and potent self-defence option is a HANDGUN. YOU MUST TRAIN ADEQUATELYIf not, OC SPRAY. YOU MUST TRAIN ADEQUATELY. If both are illegal for carry in your jursidiction, then WHITE LIGHT (SMALL TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT). Again, YOU MUST TRAIN. Other good options include tactical folder, expandable baton, and pen. Most things are legal for carry in some places and not in others. For instance, Britain is infamous for outlawing tactical folders (locking knives and knives over 3 inches). ALL WEAPONS ARE USELESS AND/OR DANGEROUS WITHOUT ADEQUATE TRAINING. Adequate training includes: - ethics and jurisprudence- how to carry legally- quick draw and deployment- retention (well yeah, someone can take it away IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING )- force continuum- mechanics of effective use (e.g. body mechanics for striking or cutting power, target acquisition, etc.)- targeting (where you want to get the guy, and how to hit what you're aiming at)- tactics with movement- use of the weapon within the overall strategy of escape and survival- alive training against resistance for ALL of the aboveA couple notes on the other answers: TASER (TM) shoots probes, both police and civilian models. Stun guns do not. I hadn't mentioned Tasers. They're a good options in some respects, but have some tactical downsides: once you've shot your wad, it's gone. Also, people often miss with the lower barb when shooting at someone far away, since the barbs spread further apart the farther the target is. Answers that do not address weapons FOR CARRY are not answers to this question, and should be ignored. Home defence, and especially improvised weapons at home, are a separate issue.
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