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In listening to my customers I receive the question how does a stun gun work?how a stun gun works

Stun guns work because our systems have electrical systems inside them. Your entire neurological system communicates through tiny electrical signals which are sent from your brain and delivered over the nerves. This communication system is often disrupted using a high-voltage, low-amperage charge. This is just what stun guns deliver. The amperage is low enough these self-defense products will not likely damage the central nervous system of the attacker, however , will confuse the central nervous system for just a short period of time, thus incapacitating the attacker and assisting you to flee.

The consequence of a stun gun charge may be temporary paralysis or temporary muscle weakness. In any event, you'll be able to leave.Now you comprehend the basic mechanics of stun guns, you should look at how you will would actually utilize one. Because the stun gun works whenever it's in touch with muscles, you could touch the attacker on any portion of the body, and the product will be effective. To have the best effectiveness, you'll probably should zap the attacker not less than three seconds. However, following the|first second or two the attacker can become disoriented, that will permit you to continue to administer the charge.If you'd like for something which can incapacitate an attacker for sufficient time for you to get to safety, a stun gun fits this description perfectly.


  1. hari on September 17, 2012 at 5:30 AM said:
    A stun gun is a great self defense product that is in the size of a torchlight. It makes it easy for it to fit inside the purse and pocket of everyone. Ever since its conception, there are so many different sectors that the police, the military, security offices, and consumers can choose what they like. There are stun guns that looks like and the shape of a baton, a cell phone, pen, lip stick, a torchlight, or even a cell phone. These varieties have the same thing in common and that is it can disable an attacker by passing electrical voltage into their body by shooting at them.stun gun The design of a stun gun is very simple which consists of a transformer, a battery and other components that will lower amperes and increase the voltage to the of the stunt rod. When you put all these components together we can have a self-defense weapon that will release the electricity through two electrodes and put down the target in an instant without harming them. Thats why everyone is using stuntrod for their selfdefence.
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