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Debbie was downtown with friends for an evening of fun. She had parked her car a block off the main street in a parking lot. When the evening was over she had to walk the last block by herself.  As she approached the parking lot she saw a man across the street with a hooded sweatshirt - he was walking toward her.

Debbie was not looking for trouble, but she was prepared. In her purse she had her stun gun. When he started to cross the street, coming to her side, she put her hand in her purse and held the stun gun. When he looked up and she saw that he was focused on her she yelled, "Get away from me!". He kept walking toward her.

She pulled the stun gun out and again said, "I mean it, get away from me!"  He kept coming toward her.  She stopped, looked at him and pushed the button on her stun gun. It crackled a warning spark. 

In the quiet of the darkness the light from the flash was bright and the sound was alarming. The man reacted by straightening up and running back across the street. The warning spark had worked - but if it hadn't Debbie was prepared for the worst and would have given him a shocking experience if he got too close.

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