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Are you attracted to a device that only costs hardly any money, but may mean the difference in your life or death in an attack?

A number of women today are purchasing self defense products to have with them in an unfortunate time of an assault. Make no mistake; you are not imagining that the rate of crime is on the rise. A non-lethal self defense weapon is a smarter and safer choice than carrying a loaded gun.

Not only can a non-lethal self defense product save your life, but it takes away the burden of using a gun and taking another persons life.

In the long run, personal self defense weapons are safe if used correctly. Of course there has been controversy about Tasers and stun guns being used to torture people with repeated exposure to its electrical charge. But we are not talking about those instances.

We are focusing on what they can do for you as targeted woman. Women are more at risk. Statistics show that most violence is done by men, and most have a preference of a female target. Because, most but not all females are the physically weaker sex, and these men that are hoping to do violence, commonly want a weaker adversary. Someone they can control and dominate. With a non-lethal weapon you can reduce the risk that you will be viciously beaten or killed when walking to your car at night, or taking an evening walk in your once safe neighborhood.

Non-lethal weapons are perfect for women and some are designed with the on the go women in mind. There are pepper sprays and stun guns that resemble a tube of lipstick, stun guns that are designed to look like a cell phone and some are even gender color specific too. Most are very discreet and are available to look like simple items that you may carry in your purse or pocket.

When these products are used properly against an attacker, they very well could save a womans life.

It is recommended that after purchasing a self defense weapon that if at all possible, you take a short course on how to use it. Some police stations offer safety courses along with their self-defense courses. If these courses are not available in your area, at bare minimum practice with your device of choice and become familiar with your device and what it can do for you in case of an attack.

Karen Abby is a security products author and a major retailer for Women's defense weapons. For Self Defense Weapons designed just for women go to DIY self


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