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While there will always be debates about any type of self-defense, pepper spray has no proven long-term negative impacts and is non-lethal.  Pepper spray and tear gas are entirely different products; tear gas is an irritant while pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, may seem the same they should not be mixed up.

The best pepper spray is a derived from hot peppers such as cayenne and other hot peppers.  Once these peppers are made into a spray, they can be used as an active deterrent when in potentially dangerous situations.  Pepper spray causes an abrupt fiery sensation to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

Pepper spray comes in a variety of types, concentrations normally O.C. spray, and methods of deployment with different manufacturers each giving their own slant to an already effective product.
Subject to your needs, pepper spray can be bought in many styles, shapes and price ranges, from the 1/2 ounce models, up to a 1 lb. sizes bottles most worn in a small holster on your waist or attached to your key ring.

We have sorted through all of the pepper sprays on the market and have chosen the best pepper spray for self defense.

Among Our Selections, We Have:
  • The Best Spray To Protect You And Your Family Against Crime
  • Pepper Spray for your Key Chain
  • The Best Pepper Spray for Women
  • The Best Pepper Spray To Use For Dog Attacks
  • Sprays To Use For The Outdoors Against Bear Attacks
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