Baton Stun Guns, A Vital Tool For Law Enforcement

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Top 10 Stun Gun Cities

1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Sacramento, California
5. Pleasanton, California
6. Miami, Florida
7. Charlotte, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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Baton Stun Guns Is A Vital Tool For Law Enforcement

When you decide to go into the field of security or become a security officer. You may soon realize that you need certain tools to protect yourself. The baton stun gun is an excellent tool that allows for additional safety measures. Most people want prepare them selves with the tools needed to perform security details. This stun gun is state of the art and includes extensive safety for your convenience.

An experienced worker in the industry of security will soon realize the advantages of obtaining a baton stun gun. This product allows for peace of mind and protects you without having to always reach for a fire arm. It is ideal for those that want to have a small device available when confronted with a security breach. The baton stun gun is top of the line and has vital safety measures to help avoid accidents.

One on the most exciting benefits of the baton stun gun is the voltage. Not many products have this high of voltage available. It is an outstanding 800,000 volts and is able to penetrate through clothing. You will be rest assured that this gun will protect you if you happen to be attacked. High voltage will also help lower your response time. You will notice the almost instant effect once this gun is in use. This will help you respond in a fast and efficient way during you duties.

The baton stun gun is eighteen inches long. It allows for an extended distance from your attacker and is easily carried in a holster. Many people have said that it is an excellent tool for animal control. Positive feedback from many animal control experts continues to come in on this product. It is also easy to carry with additional easy to grip features. Choosing the right stun gun is a personal preference and needs to be researched by each owner. Take time to consider your line of work and what you would feel comfortable using.

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