What Sets Stun Guns USA Apart From The Rest?
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1. Orlando, Florida
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Tampa, Florida
4. Sacramento, California
5. Pleasanton, California
6. Miami, Florida
7. Charlotte, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. St Louis, Missouri
10. Atlanta, Georgia

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Do Not Let This Happen To You Or Someone You Care About

What Sets Stun Guns USA Apart From The Rest??

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Darrell Hacker President -CEO
Darrell Hacker
President / CEO

Outstanding Service

Thank you for the outstanding service and a solution to my self-defense problem. In the future, I know I can count on Stun Guns USA for cutting edge products and great customer service.
Michael Dvorak
Ormond Beach FL


5.8 Million Volt King Cobra Enforcer 2 Stun Gun5.8 Million Volt King Cobra Enforcer 2 Stun Gun
I-Stun Cell Phone 4.5 Million VoltsI-Stun Cell Phone 4.5 Million Volts
Mace Night Defender Pepper Spray GelMace Night Defender Pepper Spray Gel
Lipstick Defense PackageLipstick Defense Package
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Awesome! I do admit I had some minor discharging problems with my 1st King Cobra, but as soon as Mr.Hacker was aware of the situation, he had a replacement in the mail and on the way in nothing more than 3 days! Excellent customer service no run around. Just a great guy to do business with.
Russ O. -Expectations Exceeded!!!
Apple Valley CA
We had no idea what we needed for self-defense until we called Darrell he took a look at all aspects of our situation. He helped us decide on the bull dog stun baton to protect us when we are out walking our dog. Thank you,
Betty and Mark Noble
San Jose, CA
I am very pleased with the King Cobra Enforcer... it is awesome!!! The support I have had from the staff is fantastic. I would highly recommend Stun Guns USA to anyone. Thank you,
B. Kenworthy
Houston, TX

Crime is on the rise - shocking headlines are in the news every day!!

"93-Year Old Woman Stabbed to Death Taking a Evening Walk "

"2 People In a Van Found Dead in a Day Care Parking Lot"  

These headlines used to be reported from big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

WAKE UP, our once low crime communities are gone.

Do You Have A Self Defense Weapon?

If your answer is no, why not?

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting to be slammed to the ground and raped? Or maybe to be beaten while your walking to your car, or just attacked for no reason ..it happens !!

In this swirling cesspool of crime ...

I am still hearing "those things will not happen to me". 

Abused WomanLet's remove the rose colored glasses and step back off of fantasy island for a moment.

The reality, you need protection. A self defense stun gun is an excellent choice for personal protection. They offer a totally legal and non-lethal solution for anyone. A stun gun is a hand-held, battery-powered (some fully rechargeable) device designed to deliver an electric shock to an attacker.
Stunguns have two prongs at the end of the device. Zapping an attacker will create an
electrical current to go from the prongs through the garments of the attacker into their body, thus making them collapse by depleting their blood sugars and causing the attackers muscles to work super fast and seize up.
Additionally, it interrupts the microscopic neurological stimulus that controls muscle movement. The results are disorientation and loss of balance. Full recovery can take as much as 5-10 minutes allowing you to escape and get help.

This will not cause any permanent injury to the person or dog who receives the shock.

From time to time someone tells me they don't work, which leads me to believe they haven't been used properly.

The decision you make today may may effect your future.

Get the protection you deserve, buy a personal stun gun today

Get The Best Stun Gun for Dog Attack Prevention

By Karen Abby
Canine assaults in America hospitalize over a million people each year from bites or other injury. For a remarkable quantity of people in the United States who like to walk, jog or ride their bicycles every single day for exercise or simply for that pure enjoyment of being outdoors, canine bites and dog attacks seriously are a terrifying event. You will discover numerous things that you can do to prevent a canine attack.

I used to carry a dog pepper spray that was very effective if there is no wind. How many times have you been outside when there's no wind?

Now I carry a Stun Gun For Dogs. My favorite is the BAD ASS BATON. When activated it extends to 21.5 inches and powers up to 2.5 million volts. If the crackling, popping and intimidating sounds of the stun baton being activated doesn't scare the dog away the 2.5 Million volts will get them. Many of my customers tell me just the sound alone scares the dogs away. Exactly what you want